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The First Three Shelby Cobras by Gordon Bruce

$ 49.95
The First Three Shelby Cobras by Gordon Bruce
Peter Brock's Autograph?:

"The entire short history of Carroll Shelby’s amazing Cobras is almost a personal reflection of every facet of the the charismatic Texan’s personality. I found Gordon Bruce’s book, The First Three Shelby Cobras, VINs CSX 2000, 2001 and 2002 even more interesting as each of these cars had a specific purpose in structuring what was to come, but also in what happened to each over the next several years.  If you’re interested in Cobra history this would make a perfect gift."  Peter Brock

The prototype CSX2000 has been described as the “most important American car”, although it was built on a British AC Ace chassis with an American Ford V8 engine. It was retained by the Shelby family until 2016, when it sold at auction for a record $13.75 million.

CSX2001 was the first production Cobra, and was delivered to American racing driver Ed Hugus. It was later sold to Frenchman Jean-Marie Vincent, who raced in the Tour de France and in numerous European hillclimbs. 

CSX2002 was the first Cobra to race and nearly won its inaugural outing at Riverside, driven by Bill Krause, until sidelined by a broken rear hub. It did take the first ever Cobra win, with Dave MacDonald at Tucson in March 1963.

Its success led to a series of competition wins that made Shelby's Cobras famous and admired across the globe. All three cars are now the pride of car collections in the United States of America.

If you'd like to hear Peter Brock talk about this book, check out his video here.