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Due to Covid, please allow 2-3 weeks for wheels to ship.
    The BRE Datsuns of 1969-1972 ran with American Racing Libre and Le Mans magnesium wheels:
    • Le Mans wheels were used on the BRE Datsun 2000 Roadsters & BRE Datsun 240Zs
    • Libre wheels were used on the BRE Datsun 510s
    Wheel Construction/Color: The original American Racing wheels were poured magnesium which resulted in a porous and rough surface. The centers were then left bare (a dark gray) or painted (colors ranged from light gray to gold of which BRE used different colors on various cars over the years) and the rims were machined/polished. The wheels we are offering here are low-pressure injected aluminum which makes them stronger than the original mags and makes the finish less porous/rough than the original mags. On the new wheels, the rims are again machined/polished. Then to make the centers have the same look as the original mags we used most often, they are painted in a dark gray and then coated to ensure longevity of the finish.

    Wheel Colors: In having wheels made which replicate the look of the Le Mans and Libre wheels which ran on the BRE Datsuns, we chose dark gray as the color that best represents the BRE racers. You will see this referred to as BRE gray. The Libre-style wheels are also available in silver.

    BRE Wheel Caps: All wheels come with BRE center wheel caps free of charge.

    Valve Stems: We reviewed a variety of valve stems that are available for these wheels. We found the standard straight valve stem is still the best fitting and quality solution so that’s what we provide, free of charge, with each wheel.

    Sizes, Weights, Offsets:
    • Bolt pattern: All wheels offered here have the standard Datsun 114.3 four bolt pattern.
    • Sizes: Sizes and available offsets vary often based on current inventory. Due to this you'll first choose your preferred wheel style and color and then the system will show the available sizes. If you don't see the size you need, cantact us to find out if it is available.
    • Weight: Often, manufacturers do not provide weight information. As we have not had every size of wheel in our possession, we don’t have weight information for all wheel sizes. A rough average however is about 14 pounds per wheel.
    • Offset: If you are not sure what offset is correct for your car, contact us and we can provide you a schematic to use to determine what’s best.
    Quality: These wheels are built to the current JWL/VIA quality industry standards. Hundreds of wheels built to these standards are used in club racing. If we had to choose between driving on these wheels or on a 40 year-old set of American Racing magnesium wheels, we’d choose these modern wheels. With that said, we want to emphasize, these wheels are not specifically designed to be race wheels. Their main purpose is to provide you a wheel that looks similar to what the BRE Datsuns ran with at a reasonable cost.

    Wheels that are specifically built for racing cost in excess of $1000 each (these wheels are less than $200 each). You can use impact wrenches on race wheels without risk of damage (which you shouldn't do with these) but even race wheels can break if you run into things. We offer race specific wheels for Daytona Coupe’s and they can also be built for your car if that’s the way you prefer to go. They cost approximately $1000/wheel and they won’t look like the Libre and Le Mans wheels.

    Warranty/Care info: Please find these details at the red tab marked "Warranty/Care Info" in the column to the left.

    With all that said, we trust you will like and enjoy having these wheels on your Datsun! Now choose your preferred style from the column to the left and you will be presented with the currently available colors, sizes and accessories.